How does it work?

  • Select a plant that is entering the flowering stage.
  • Generously spray the area you wish to grow pollen sacs on 1-3 times a day for 10-21 days.
  • Timing and spray amount may vary for different plant varieties.
  • Pollen sacs will begin to form and may be harvested when ready.
  • This pollen will contain the genetics of the female plant.
  • when used to fertilize other females, the seeds produced will be all female and a cross strain of both mothers!
Product Pricing
2 – 3 $31.46
4 – 7 $27.96
8 – 15 $24.47
16 – 31 $20.97
32 or more $17.48
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3 reviews for Femajuana

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  2. Magnus

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  3. James Koster

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